Transforming today’s plastic waste into tomorrow’s energy and highly profitable materials


Plastic 2 Green

  • Most profitable process for upcycling non-recyclable waste plastic.
  • Lowest cost production method for making ammonia.
  • Paid to take plastic that would otherwise end up in the landfill or in the oceans.

Transformative Technology

Using a patented process, we transform commingled unrecyclable plastic waste into highly sought after non-polluting fuels like green ammonia and valuable high tech specialty carbon products.

Our Technology Produces:




Green Ammonia

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High Tech Carbon Products

Patented Process


Our zero emissions process uses electricity and thermal energy to break down all commingled waste plastic into basic valuable elements.

Plastic to Green produces a truly next-generation fuel

Unlike other producers, our Green Ammonia is produced with ZERO carbon emissions. The International Energy Agency is calling for ALL ammonia to be “green” by 2050. Plastic 2 Green is a key enabler to make this transition to ammonia production sustainable and circular.

Specialty Carbon Products

We capture all carbon from our patented method and upcycle it into valuable specialty carbon products: carbon black and carbon nanotubes and graphene. These are highly valued and growing markets.

Investment Opportunity

We are actively seeking investors and grants to fund this game-changing technology. Interested investors should contact us via our website.