Plastic 2 Green

Turning Waste Plastic Straight to Fertilizer and Super Conducting Wire

Plastic 2 Green is going to make the fuel of the future by cleaning up our past!

The waste plastic problem is a significant environmental concern globally. Plastics have become an integral part of our daily lives, but their improper disposal and limited recycling contribute to the massive problem we have today. Millions of tons of plastic waste are accumulating in landfills, polluting our oceans, and harming wildlife every year, and takes hundreds of years to decompose. Junk plastic affects ecosystems, human health, and the overall well-being of the planet. Efforts to address this problem include reducing plastic consumption, promoting recycling and reuse, and developing more sustainable alternatives. It is crucial for individuals, industries, and governments to work together to combat the waste plastic problem and protect our environment.


At Plastic 2 Green, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future by turning all kinds of waste plastic into valuable resources. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to convert any plastic waste into two essential products: Ammonia for fertilizer or hydrogen fuel, and Carbon Nanotubes for superconducting wire or super capacitors.

Why Ammonia?

Fuel Density: Ammonia can store 120 times more hydrogen than pure hydrogen at the same pressure.

Energy Conversion: Hydrogen fuel cells are much more efficient than internal combustion engines. Ammonia is easily converted back into hydrogen and nitrogen for use within a fuel cell.

Increased Food Production: There is only a small market for hydrogen within transportation today. In the meantime, we will produce ammonia for fertilizer at a lower cost than current production methods.

Why Superconducting Wire?

Unprecedented Speed: Superconducting Wire properties pave the way for unparalleled train speeds, setting new industry benchmarks in the future.

Energy Efficiency: By significantly reducing energy consumption, Superconducting Wire helps cut costs and drive sustainability efforts.

Reliability and Safety: Our advanced engineering ensures reliable power transmission, creating a secure and stable environment for data centers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Future-Proof Innovation: Superconducting Wire will propel technology forward, empowering businesses and revolutionizing transportation, setting the stage for a smarter and more interconnected world.

Plastic Waste ends up Everywhere

It travels to our environment, to our food, and then to our Families.

Our Solution

We have developed a new process that can turn plastic waste into valuable ammonia without using additional energy. Unlike traditional methods that produce harmful carbon monoxide or dioxide, our process is carried out in an oxygen-free environment. Additionally, we also process some of the carbon black from the plastic into carbon nanotubes, which have numerous applications, including in the production of superconducting wires.